Whats On Tap?

All of our beers are made here by our Brewmaster, Garrett Shepherd.  Garrett has spent nearly 20 years perfecting his craft. He got a taste for brewing using a single gallon bucket back home in New Jersey. After cutting his teeth learning about brewing and brewery operation at the American Brewers Guild in Middlebury, Vermont, Garrett took what he learned and eventually left home and moved to Auburn, opening Sheps in 2013.

Garrett has explored recipes for more than 40 different types of ales and lagers, with new recipes and old classics being cooked up every single week. When you come to visit Sheps, you will typically find more than 12 varieties of delicious, hand-crafted, small-batch beer up on “The Boards”, catering to every type of taste-bud out there.

Our Flagship beers are:
Auburn Amber
Sunrise IPA
Flashpoint Scotch Ale

Auburn Amber Ale

Auburn Amber Ale

Beer On Tap

ON TAP: The following mouth-watering selections are On Tap, as of 3/8/2019:

  • Emerald Isle Ale- Green beer for St. Patrick's Day

  • Hurricane Hailey Blonde Ale - A satisfying light beer with a crisp finish

  • Lit Wit Bier - based on a classic German Wit recipe

  • Snow Shepherd Vienna Lager - A full-flavored, delicious European Lager

  • James Blonde IPA

  • Sunrise IPA

  • No Spoon Original

  • No Spoon V2

  • Nitro Chocolate Stout

  • Franklin Park Porter

  • Kitchen Sink Stout - Cinnamon, Chocolate, Coconut and Oats

  • Ostoutipus Rex Stout

  • Coconutz Rex Stout

Fresh Pressed Hard Cider

Available year-round, Sheps is the only brewery in the area that makes its own Hard Cider. We start with 100% pure, organic cider, pressed by friends at a local Organic Apple Orchard. Then we add as few ingredients as possible to make 4 different ciders, to make sure each recipe’s unique personality shows through to the finished product. We offer Flights, Full Pours, Growler Fills and even Cans.

The Four Delicious Hard Ciders are:

  • Sweet Kitty Cider - The hands-down fan-favorite; Sheps’ very own crisp, sweet, Hard (but not too hard) Apple Cider

  • Hopped Kitty Cider - Our classic Apple Cider dry-hopped with local NY hops

  • Dry Organic Peach Cider - Organic Peach Juice and Pulp added to our classic cider

  • Pinky Kitty Cider - Rosé Grape Juice is blended and fermented to a red hue. 

Rose and Sweet Kitty Ciders

Rose and Sweet Kitty Ciders

Wine Selection:

Sheps offers a hand-selected collection of New York State wines including:

  • Glenora Semi-Dry Riesling

  • Brotherhood’s Red Wine blend

  • CJS's Dry Winter Rosé